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Growing Kiwi Fruit Seeds: will they germinate??

2017/11/15   -Growing Fruit Seeds

Eating fruit is great; many fruits are available from supermarket, all are juicy and sweet, and fills you up with healthy vitamins. While some fruits are developed to be seedless, many fruits still contain seeds. And I cannot help but want to try planting these seeds! This time, I tried experimenting to see if some of seeds from kiwifruits can be germinated. Kiwifruit seeds from fresh kiwifruit! Kiwifruits contain many many seeds. They are edible; most people will just eat them with fruits. So this time, I scooped a bit of fruits with seeds with a tea spoon before I …

Lemon seed germination:Growing lemon tree for seeds

2017/10/12   -Growing Fruit Seeds

  When you eat fruit, what is left… seeds!   Wouldn’t it be fun if you can grow a full fruit tree from remaining seeds and get more fruit in years time?