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Breeding Goldfish: Preparing For Goldfish to Lay Eggs

2018/02/08   -Animals&Critters

We have two goldfish in a fish tank; a female and a male bronze fantails. Last spring, they laid egg! Yay! In this article I will write about what we did to help prepare goldfish to lay egg in the spring. Goldfish Breeding Season:Spring – Autumn Breeding season for goldfish is thought to be anytime between spring – autumn in area where there are four seasons. Water temperature needs to be 20°C (68°F) or above and stable for goldfish to breed. For outdoor goldfish, goldfish tend to breed in spring, when the temperature start to rise. Signs of Goldfish Preparing …

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Breeding Goldfish: Goldfish Egg Hatching!

2018/02/07   -Animals&Critters

Goldfish pair finally laid some eggs in my fish tank at home. After quietly observing eggs for five days, they hatched! In this article I have some photos of our goldfish eggs from day 0 till hatching. Day 0 – Goldfish Eggs Found! So my goldfish pair (male and female, bronze fantails) finally laid some eggs. Having faith that at least some of eggs are fertile, I isolated them from parents goldfish and waited for them to hatch. What to do When You Find Goldfish Eggs? Parent goldfish will eat their own eggs, so eggs need to be quickly separated …

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Goldfish breeding season? Male and female differences

2017/10/20   -Animals&Critters

Recently, two bronze fantail goldfish have joined our home! As it happens, these gold fish are one male and one female and are ready for breeding season. When is Goldfish Breeding Season? According to books and online resources, goldfish are not hard to breed. From spring ~ autumn, when water temperature is around 20C, they may start breeding. Some goldfish kept indoors with water heater to keep warm water temperature may breed regardless of what outside season it is. Outdoor goldfish are more likely to start breeding in spring to early summer, when water temperature gradually rise. How Old do …