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Celery Grown From Vegetable Remains–Getting Seeds!

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I have been growing celery from vegetable remains.

Since then, celery in the garden has grown, flowered and even managed to get some celery seeds.


Growing Celery from Vegetable Remains

Previously, I was growing celery that was remaining after using celery I bought from a supermarket.

My previous article about growing celery remain can be read from the link below;

Unfortunately, celery plants haven’t grown enough for me to harvest new stems for eating.

They have been however, growing very well in the garden.

They have become taller, more branches growing, leaves growing….

And soon in the middle of summer, there were flowers.


Celery plant invading out of our vegetable garden.


White flower of celery – a lot of insects come to these flowers.

As it approaches Autumn, celery flowers started to turn blown in color.

And there were seeds growing after flowers!!


I waited until all flowers had turned brown, and celery stems were turning brown/drying out.

Then I harvested seeds off these celery plants.

Got Seeds of Celery to Sow Next Season!!

These are some seeds fresh off the celery plant that was once a vegetable remain after a meal.


When you squash the celery flower gently, dry round seeds come out of flower pods.


These seeds are from one bunch of flowers.

I managed to get a lot of seeds from both my celery plants.

And you know what surprised me?

These celery seeds smell like celery!!

When I put all celery seeds into a cup and I move the cup close to my face, there is a strong smell of celery coming from the cup!

Maybe because they are fresh seeds off the plant?

Growing Vegetable Remains-> Growing 2nd Generation Celery!

…So the celery that was grown from cooking remain has grown, found a home in our vegetable garden, flowered and produced seeds before ending its life….

Good job, Mr. Celery….

He/she did really well, considering celery’s life could have ended as a garbage after we finished eating most of the celery bunch!

And now we have some celery seeds from the plants, we are looking forward to the next Spring, to try to sow them.

Maybe next year, we will have these second generation celery growing happily in our garden to come back to our dinner plate…. cannot wait!

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