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Growing Kiwi Fruit Seeds: will they germinate??

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Eating fruit is great; many fruits are available from supermarket, all are juicy and sweet, and fills you up with healthy vitamins.

While some fruits are developed to be seedless, many fruits still contain seeds. And I cannot help but want to try planting these seeds!

This time, I tried experimenting to see if some of seeds from kiwifruits can be germinated.

Kiwifruit seeds from fresh kiwifruit!

Kiwifruits contain many many seeds. They are edible; most people will just eat them with fruits.

So this time, I scooped a bit of fruits with seeds with a tea spoon before I ate rest of the kiwifruit, for the purpose of getting some seeds for planting.

This kiwifruit (golden kiwifruit) was sourced from a local fruit and vegetable shop. The kiwifruit was kept in our fridge at home before eating (and planting seeds).


A table spoon scoop of kiwi fruit (from the middle) contained plenty of seeds.

Next, I used my hands to squash the fruits in a bowl with a bit of water, to get seeds out.

But seeds were buried in fruits very well, and it took some careful washing to remove seeds from the fruit.

Day 1, 12th October 2017


I washed kiwifruit seeds carefully to remove any adherent fruit, and placed them on wet filter paper.

I washed carefully because in many cases, fruits surrounding seeds prevents seeds from starting to germinate.

After one day, the kiwifruit seeds on the filter paper looked slightly (but very slightly) larger. Perhaps they absorbed water.

Filter paper was checked everyday to make sure they do not dry out.

Kiwifruit Seeds Germination after about 2 weeks!!

Day 15, 27th October, 2017


After almost two weeks, many of kiwifruit seeds started to germinate.

You can see a tip of roots coming out from gaps on kiwifruits seeds (sorry the photo is a bit blurry).

Day 17, 29th October, 2017


Two days later, roots were clearly visible from most seeds!!

I am quite surprised with how many seeds are successfully germinating.. almost all of them have roots coming out.


Close up shot… Tip of the main root have fine hairs as well.

On this day, I moved seeds from the filter paper and placed in a pot with garden pot mixture, to let them grow their roots in the soil.

Pots with kiwifruit seedlings were watered everyday.

Small seedlings often are eaten by birds, so I had a glad wrap over the pot. This also helps keep the soil moist.

Kiwifruit Seedlings after 4 weeks!

Day 29, 10th November 2017


Kiwifruits seedlings grew very slowly, but managed to grow roots in a pot and two little leaves started to emerge 4 weeks after start day.


Very cute little leaves. I wouldn’t think these belonged to kiwifruits if I did not know.

Germination of Kiwifruit Seeds: Summary

So far kiwifruits seeds from kiwifruit (for eating) was successful.

  • Kiwifruit was purchased from local vegetable and fruit shop
  • Kiwifruit was cut in half, and a teaspoon of fruit containing seeds were kept for planting
  • Seeds were washed carefully to remove any surrounding fruit
  • Seeds were kept moist on a wet filter paper
  • Kiwifruit seeds started to germinated after two weeks
  • Kiwifruit seeds had leaves coming out after four weeks

Seedlings are currently in the same pot and watered regularly. I am very interested to see if they will grow properly!!

*Note: I live in Oceania and at the time of this germinating experiment, it was spring season with 10~20C day temperature.

-Growing Fruit Seeds

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