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Lemon seed germination:Growing lemon tree for seeds

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When you eat fruit, what is left… seeds!


Wouldn’t it be fun if you can grow a full fruit tree from remaining seeds and get more fruit in years time?


But apparently, fruit trees grown from seeds do not produce identical tree as the mother tree.


Fruit trees grown from seeds of a fruit almost always produce fruits that is much inferior to the mother tree.



But according to some expert, this is not true for some citrus variations, like lemons and mandarines.


So I decided to give lemon seeds a try at growing them.




How to grow lemon from seeds


What you need to grow lemon seeds:

  • Lemon seeds (from fresh lemon)
  • Filter paper and a shallow plastic container (to germinate seeds)
  • Small pot with potting mixture (to grow lemon sapling)


There are few key points in growing lemon seeds:

  • Pick a lemon that is well ripen, so that seeds are well matured
  • Once you get seeds from a lemon, do not let them dry
  • Soak in plenty of water for 1st day, then plant


When you are soaking lemon seeds in a container of water, some seeds may float.


Discard floating seeds as they are poorly matured seeds that have little chance of successful growth. Use fat, juicy seeds that sink in water for germination.


Plant these good lemon seeds on a wet filter paper (or even tissues) in a shallow dish/plastic container.


From here on, do not let them dry out. Check and add water on the filter paper everyday.



*I used a plastic container that used to contain vegetable from supermarket. Placed coffee filters x2.


If successful, you can see a small root coming out of seeds.


It is probably a good idea to let lemon seeds grow on a filter paper until the germination is confirmed.



I have five nice looking lemon seeds. Good luck lemon babies!!


How long does lemon seeds take to germinate?


Apparently, 80% of seeds will successfully germinate as long as you are using good lemon seeds from a ripe lemon.


It takes around two weeks to germinate in warm, spring climate.


Some people say that if you remove transparent outer shell from a lemon seed, the seed will germinate faster.


I may give this a try, if germination takes too long?


… to be continued….

-Growing Fruit Seeds

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