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Growing spring onion: don’t throw away the ends!!

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Spring onions make a nice garnish on top of many dishes, can be used for stir fry, or salads.

After you use spring onions…. don’t be so hasty to throw away root ends!!

They can easily be re-grown with just water, and you can have some more fresh spring onion for free!!

Regrowth of a cut spring onion end

Here is an example of spring onion I re-grew. Spring onion end was kept in a small amount of water in a glass container.

Room temperature is 15~20 degree Celsius and spring onion was kept by the kitchen window.

September 13th: day 0

Spring onion was used, leaving the bottom ~8cm with roots at the end.

So I placed this in a small glass vase with 2cm of water enough to wet roots.

Roots in the photo below weak and wrinkly, but it recovered quickly after I placed them in water and started new growth a few days later.


September 22nd: day 9

After just over a week, look how much re-growth has taken place!!

Re-growth is about 20cm at this stage from the start.

Note that the first 8cm bottom (white part) is hardly visible in the vase. Green parts are all new growth!

Two new leaves came out of the white-colored end it started with. One of the leaf grew faster than the other.

I started with only one spring onion end.  But if I had multiple spring onion ends to start with, I could have re-harvested enough for another use at this stage.


September 28th: day 15

Another week has gone by. The growth of the taller leaf seem to have slow down after it reached 30cm.

Perhaps if I cut it short now, this leaf will start another cycle of re-growth.

Another new leaf emerged from the side and is now almost as long as the longest leaf.


October 9th : day 26

The re-growth is over 30cm, but leaves stopped growing any longer.

Instead of growing leaves, now I have a new shoot in the middle with onion “head” or flower bud of spring onion.


If this onion flower in the middle is let to bloom, I might be able to get some spring onion seeds.

Apparently, once onion flower blooms though, the main onion will stop growing as it start concentrating on maturing seeds, and eventually die.

At this stage it is better to cut off the onion flower bud, and let the spring onion grow some more.

That way, I will have more edible part of the spring onion later.


So the onion flower bud in the middle was cut.

These onion flower bud are edible, apparently.

Now I have three long portions of spring onion I can harvest and use as garnish!!

How to re-grow spring onion

Re-growing spring onion is simple; Just keep them in water, using a small vase or even a cup.

Main body of spring onion does not like being constantly wet, so put only 2-3cm of water, just enough to cover roots.

This is a good news as only a small amount of water is used.

You should change water everyday, so water will not go bad and rot the spring onion.

Keeping spring onions in moderate sun will help them grow, so keep them by the window.

I kept mine by the kitchen window above the sink. That way I can see it grow day by day and not forget changing the water.

Growing spring onion ends: summary

So in summary,

  • Do not throw away spring onion end after using green parts for cooking
  • Put root ends in a glass or small vase with 2-3cm of water
  • Place spring onions by a window to get a bit of the sunlight
  • Change water everyday
  • You will have fast re-growth of spring onion in a week or two!

This is an awesome way to reduce waste and save some money for getting more spring onion!

It is fun to watch spring onions grow too.

Of course, you can plant these spring onions in a pot or planter, or your garden for them to grow.

In the end, you might have a constant supply of spring onion whenever you need them.

-Growing Vegetable Remains

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