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Celery Grown From Vegetable Remains–Getting Seeds!

I have been growing celery from vegetable remains. Since then, celery in the garden has grown, flowered and even managed to get some celery seeds. Growing Celery from Vegetable Remains Previously, I was growing celery that was remaining after using celery I bought from a supermarket. My previous article about growing celery remain can be read from the link below; Unfortunately, celery plants haven’t grown enough for me to harvest new stems for eating. They have been however, growing very well in the garden. They have become taller, more branches growing, leaves growing…. And soon in the middle of …

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Breeding Goldfish: Preparing For Goldfish to Lay Eggs

2018/02/08   -Animals&Critters

We have two goldfish in a fish tank; a female and a male bronze fantails. Last spring, they laid egg! Yay! In this article I will write about what we did to help prepare goldfish to lay egg in the spring. Goldfish Breeding Season:Spring – Autumn Breeding season for goldfish is thought to be anytime between spring – autumn in area where there are four seasons. Water temperature needs to be 20°C (68°F) or above and stable for goldfish to breed. For outdoor goldfish, goldfish tend to breed in spring, when the temperature start to rise. Signs of Goldfish Preparing …

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Breeding Goldfish: Goldfish Egg Hatching!

2018/02/07   -Animals&Critters

Goldfish pair finally laid some eggs in my fish tank at home. After quietly observing eggs for five days, they hatched! In this article I have some photos of our goldfish eggs from day 0 till hatching. Day 0 – Goldfish Eggs Found! So my goldfish pair (male and female, bronze fantails) finally laid some eggs. Having faith that at least some of eggs are fertile, I isolated them from parents goldfish and waited for them to hatch. What to do When You Find Goldfish Eggs? Parent goldfish will eat their own eggs, so eggs need to be quickly separated …

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Growing Kiwi Fruit Seeds: will they germinate??

2017/11/15   -Growing Fruit Seeds

Eating fruit is great; many fruits are available from supermarket, all are juicy and sweet, and fills you up with healthy vitamins. While some fruits are developed to be seedless, many fruits still contain seeds. And I cannot help but want to try planting these seeds! This time, I tried experimenting to see if some of seeds from kiwifruits can be germinated. Kiwifruit seeds from fresh kiwifruit! Kiwifruits contain many many seeds. They are edible; most people will just eat them with fruits. So this time, I scooped a bit of fruits with seeds with a tea spoon before I …

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Growing Celery from Cooking Remains!

2017/11/10   -Growing Vegetable Remains

I like many vegetables, but one of my favorite is celery! Celeries are great fresh as crunchy and refreshing addition to your everyday salads. They are also great as additive for curry and soups. I decided to try growing small innermost pieces of celery after eating majority of the celery bundle. Inner Part of Celery that was left…. So I finished a bunch of celery, and I kept two inner white celery pieces. These were very pale in color. I had no idea if they will grow, as they did not appear to have anywhere to grow new roots from. …

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Goldfish breeding season? Male and female differences

2017/10/20   -Animals&Critters

Recently, two bronze fantail goldfish have joined our home! As it happens, these gold fish are one male and one female and are ready for breeding season. When is Goldfish Breeding Season? According to books and online resources, goldfish are not hard to breed. From spring ~ autumn, when water temperature is around 20C, they may start breeding. Some goldfish kept indoors with water heater to keep warm water temperature may breed regardless of what outside season it is. Outdoor goldfish are more likely to start breeding in spring to early summer, when water temperature gradually rise. How Old do …

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Growing spring onion: don’t throw away the ends!!

2017/10/12   -Growing Vegetable Remains

Spring onions make a nice garnish on top of many dishes, can be used for stir fry, or salads. After you use spring onions…. don’t be so hasty to throw away root ends!! They can easily be re-grown with just water, and you can have some more fresh spring onion for free!! Regrowth of a cut spring onion end Here is an example of spring onion I re-grew. Spring onion end was kept in a small amount of water in a glass container. Room temperature is 15~20 degree Celsius and spring onion was kept by the kitchen window. September 13th: …

Lemon seed germination:Growing lemon tree for seeds

2017/10/12   -Growing Fruit Seeds

  When you eat fruit, what is left… seeds!   Wouldn’t it be fun if you can grow a full fruit tree from remaining seeds and get more fruit in years time?